Chesca Pet Care & Services | The most loving pet nanny in Wake Forest NC
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My name is Nela / Soy Nela

I’m the most loving pet nanny. Chesca (Franchesca), was my most loyal, loving, unconditional and beloved life companion, who accompanied me the last 13 years. She recently passed away, and in her name, I decided to dedicate myself to caring for and giving love to other animals. That’s why I’m offering my pet care services to all people who need special, dedicated, personalized and exclusive care for their furry babies.

Yo soy la “Pet Nanny” mas amorosa!. Chesca (Franchesca) fué mi compañerita los últimos 13 años. Una hermosa Schnauzer, cariñosa, fiel e incondicional. Ella partió no hace mucho tiempo, y desde entonces me he dedicado a cuidar animales de una forma dedicada, exclusiva y muy especial.